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  A friendly reminder for all you smart devices users out there.  I often post exclusive photography of my adventures over on my Instagram account.  Feel free to 'follow me' over there, if you haven't done so already.

 Don't know what this Instagram is?  Basically its a way to share photos with others, using an app for phones or tablets; making them noticed by using a 'hashtag' generally on the subject featured.  You would uses these tags to describe the subject and/or features in the image.  I like to use #hiking #backpacking #Olympic #wilderness #photography #urbanhiking #ultralight #minimalist ect...

Think of it as a micro blog of this website.  Sometimes small daily adventures are not really worth typing up and formatting for this site, but are worth sharing.  All to promote an active lifestyle, inspire others and connect with the reader (you).  Feel free to check it out!

Tip:  If you set up an account with your phone or tablet.  Instagram will let you view and monitor the content through your web browser via laptop or desktop computer.  

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