Spring Day Hike at Hurricane Ridge

  It was a lovely springlike day at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park.  Except it was not spring at all, it was winter.  One could see all the way across the Park.  Such a beautiful day in the mountains.  Weather conditions even made it possible to be in a t-shirt all day.  

  We experienced an inversion in the Olympic Mountains, making the cold air sink into the valleys and heat rising into the alpine were we were spending our afternoon.  This also made the air quality superb for photography.  Days like this leaves a lifelong impact to ones sole.  

  The clouds held off to the west long enough for a picture perfect sunset.  I am glad we stuck around to see it.  Such beautiful colors in the sky, it was just like walking in a painting.  Not even a breeze, as the sun dipped behind the Bailey Range.  I will forever remember that evening spent in Olympic.  

winter hurricane hill
Hiking the Hurricane Hill Snowshoe Route.


Updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015