Fun Hike to Grey Wolf Ridge

  Backpacking Grey Wolf Ridge, in the Buckhorn Wilerness holds a special place in my heart.  Adventures like these create memories to last a lifetime.  This hike is sure to leave you breathless and gasping for air at the same time.  There is no better way to spend a spring evening, than in the Olympic Mountains.

  There is no maintained touristy trail to get to the destination.  In some places grass even grows under your feet.  No signs to follow marking the path.  Just a map, compass and the will to keep going up the hill.  Forget about switchbacks, this path goes straight up the side of the mountain.  Challenging even the most fit outdoorsman.

  Once to the top, a 'dry camp' can be made in several locations.  These exposed primitive sites give you some of the best views in the area.  The land features Mount Constance, Buckhorn Wilderness, Mount Angeles and Mount Baker can all be seen in one panoramic view.  The city lights from Sequim, Port Angeles and Victoria can also be viewed at night.

  Come along on the journey through photography.

baldy grey wolf
Mount Baldy & Grey Wolf


Last updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015