After the Chalet is Gone (Enchanted Valley)

  A man that has inspired me for years sent an email last week, asking if I would like to accompany him on a walk up the Quinault River drainage. We would be hiking the Enchanted Valley Trail.  His Olympic Mountain photography has personally inspired many of my adventures; often dreaming into these images during the winter months to get my wilderness fix.  Of course I accepted the invitation, it is an honor to walk with him.

  The original purpose of this trip was to enjoy the history that the Chalet represents.  Countless people have come from all over the world to enjoy this building through the years.  To be honest with you, after a few hours observing the damage the river is about to do to this structure, I lost interest in it.

  The Quinault valley was full of spring activity and countless wildlife.  A full day was spent watching life happen before our eyes.  Avalanches, Mountain Goats, Black Bear and Olympic Elk could all be observed in the same area.  It's was nature in its pure form.  An impression like this can be life changing.   Powerful and real, this is wilderness to me.

Enchanted Valley Trail
East Fork Quinault Trail

Pyrites Creek
Pyrites Creek Ford

Black Bear
First Black Bear of the season

East Fork Quinault River
East Fork Quinault River

Burke Range
The Burke Range holds winter

Mount Anderson
Mount Anderson sleeps

One of the many countless spring avalanches off the Burke Range (see video below)

O'neal Peak
O'neal Peak morning whispers

Lindsley Glacier
The Lindsley Glacier of Mount Anderson

Seasons change

Video of the Trip (suggest full screen and good audio)

Overall this was a trip of a lifetime.  Don't think I will ever be able to recreate it in all my days.  It will forever hold a place in my heart.  Look forward to creating future memories in the Olympic National Park.

Interested in the Chalet?  Check out the building hanging over the river.

Updated in February 2017 by Barefoot Jake