Hiking Moab, Utah

Got invited to join a group of Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors for an adventure in Utah. I would use the bus system, ferry and Light Rail; to get to the airport from Port Angeles, Wa. Urban Hiking in the big city with my very minimal travel kit was a complete contrast to the Olympic Peninsula.

 A few hours were spent in a rental car talking about hiking on the way to our new base camp. We would be using a rental house and then explore various National Parks in the Moab, Utah area. Most of the places visited were off trail in the desert; with the conditions, that made it challenging. Lots of ice on slickrock and sections of snow to my calf. Winter is challenging in the desert for minimalist footwear. You will be walking along on sand, turn a corner and then be ankle deep in snow; which has hundreds of hiding cactus under it. Sounds challenging?

 Enjoy a few snapshots from the first few days of adventure.

flight Salt Lake City
Flight into Salt Lake City, Utah

A few days later

hiking moab snow
Challenging terrain

hiking moab
Finishing the day in cactus-fields covered in snow.  Then back to the rental house, for a homemade meal and hot shower.  

1 of 3 days of hiking in the Moab area.  Read the next days adventure. 

Updated in July 2015 by Barefoot Jake