Getting Wet in the Rain Forest

  I have walked every major river valley in the Olympic National Park and this forest gave the greatest feeling of being alone.    If Bigfoot was real, the Queets Valley is where he would live.  Love the overwhelming feeling of wilderness being in this area.  I imagine generations before, the Native Americans would send there young boys upriver to become men.  They would come back to the village changed forever.

Enjoy the journey documented in photographs and video. I used public transportation and my bicycle to get to and from the trailhead.

queets trail
Queets River Trail

Queets River
Starting my adventure, after the bus dropped me off at Highway 101 with my bike.

Andrews field
Andrews Field

Andrews homestead
Non-native plants, left by the Andrews Homestead.

backpack queets
Base Camp.

queets trail
The Queets dream

queets valley
Lots of creeks to ford

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion

record Douglas fir
Largest Recorded Douglas Fir

View video of trip:

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Updated in July 2015 by Barefoot Jake