New Website Interface

  Alright, I'm able to go take a shower now!  A short time ago, launched the new website interface today.  This took me some time to figure out; even a 14 hour day yesterday.  Thanks to one of my readers, for helping with the coding.  I was starting to get really grouchy and irritable.  My helper saved 1 year out of my lifespan.

  This was to make it easier for my visitors to access content, but keep with my minimalist theme.  I want to make everything simple as possible to navigate, so that everyone can enjoy content.  A great deal of you use tablets and smartphone, this should improve your experience a great deal.

Important!  If you subscribe to this blog via RSS, Feedly, Email or other feed-linking applications?!  You may need to update the address, since I moved things around.

Update:  No alterations needed for Feedly & currently working in mobile browsing.

New Layout & Interface. 

Thanks for reading.