Survival at the Chalet

I just jumped on a bus out of Lake Quinault headed back to civilization.  Spent the last few days upriver in unfavorable conditions.  Had a few extra days on my hands for a backpacking trip.  Why not spend them with the Enchanted Valley Chalet?  So I loaded up a bunch of food and set out.

  With all this rain in the Pacific Northwest this March, the trail is knee deep standing water in places, actual creeks running down the trail in others.  There were moments I was wondering to see a salmon headed upstream in the small cascades at my feet.  There was one creek to ford up to my hip in fast moving current.

 It was hard to break out my non waterproof camera in this conditions, without trying to destroy it.  So much moisture in the air, it was hard to keep condensation out of the housing and off the lenses.  I'm happy the rain gods spared my electronics to last another day.

 The forecast was spot on with the incoming storm.  Had hoped to stay up there longer, but late winter conditions where more than I was willing to endure being solo.   One thing to be pinned down in bad weather, its another to be stuck in a tent for days alone.  So I called the trip early and began my 2 day retreat back towards the lake on foot.

Update:  Checking the SNOTEL in the area.  Quinault got almost 4" of rain during the time period of this trip.

Enchanted Valley Chalet
Mid-March at the Enchanted Valley Chalet, as the East Fork Quinault River creeps closer.

Alone in the Quinault Rainforest.

Short Video:

Update:  April 1st 2014 status of the Chalet; with video.

Sept. 2014 - Chalet was moved back from the river.

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