Camping in Olympic National Park (Cold Weather)

Readers ask me all the time, 'I want to get out in the Olympic Mountains, but what overnight Olympic National Park hiking gear is needed?'  There is no right answer to that question.  Variables are hiking style, goals, style of trip, season and conditions.  It's important that you learn what works best for you and tailor that kit to fit those needs.  The weather turns very quickly during all seasons in the PNW, so it's important not to go too minimal that you are going to have a miserable trip, but only bring things you actually use.  Most ultralight gear lists will not fly in Olympic, unless you're lucky enough to catch the weather just right.

Here is a lightweight list I put together, that combines all my suggestions on average. 

Spring Olympic Mountains
Winter in the Olympic Mountains

Overnight Hiking in Cold Weather

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Cook Kit


Sun and Rain


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Updated in August 2016 by Barefoot Jake