(Hiking Review) Luna Sandals Tech Strap

  The team over at Luna Sandals have been doing a good job at hyping up their newest modification to the ATS lacing system.   This added piece of webbing was promised to make the foot feel more secure during lateral movements and lessen the toe wedgie feeling that sandals can give you.  This is especially important for someone that is descending a steep trail grade.  Overtime this may cause irritated at the end of a long day of backpacking.

Enter Luna Sandals Tech Strap

  So does this extra modification to their ATS lacing system live up to all the hype?  Let's take a look!

Luna Tech Strap
Luna Sandals Mono w/ ATS laces & Tech Strap mod in the Olympic National Park. 

Tech Strap Structure

  The Tech Strap is an additional piece that mimics the traditional form to tieing a huarache.  Not having to tie the sandal gives it a modern twist.  The user can instead just velcro the foot securely to the footbed.  I experienced no irritation to the skin on the top of my foot from the stitching; used in securing the velcro to the webbing.

 Webbing is made up of sewn velcro (older model had one simple button).  This will add a small amount of weight to your footwear.  I measure .50 ounces (70 oz or 19.8g old version) for the pair currently own.

A Crafty Person Could Make Their Own (DIY)

  A crafty person can create something similar to this added strap.  View a few people doing so on Luna's Facebook page.  If you are like me and suck at craft projects; then purchase them from the company.

Does the Tech Strap Live Up to the Hype?

  • Added foot security?  Feet felt more secure.

  • Aid in walking downhill?  Yes.  This is the solution I've been looking, no more 'toe wedgie' pressure while descending.  

  • Muddy Trails?  My feet now minimally slide around on the footbed; while its covered in a slippery surface.  This is important in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Suggest to others?  Hiking, backpacking, long urban walks and running?  Defiantly!

  • Lifestyle wear? Probably not; because of an added step to slide the sandal on and off the foot. 

Need added foot security on technical trails? I suggest you giving Luna Tech Straps {affiliate link} a try! Personally use this system while trail running, backpacking and hiking.

Updated in January 2017 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer:  Barefoot Jake purchased this product with his own funds, which were attached to his new Luna Sandals Oso.  He was under no obligation for this review and every statement is his own opinion. Article does contain ads in the form of affiliate links.