Honoring the Enchanted Valley Chalet

  In honor of the Chalet that probably wont last much longer.  I decided to put a fresh edit on some stock footage from a previous adventure.  Utilizing public transportation, human powered bicycle and my own two feet.   Covering just under 60 miles in my 4 days visiting the Olympic National Park.  I was blessed to see so much wildlife on this solo trip.  Countless Olympic Elk and numerous Black Bear just waking up out of winter hibernation.

  My most recent trip into the Quinault Rainforest, I got hammered with rain and heavy spring snow.  Looking back at this footage, cant help but feel blessed for having such good weather.  Didnt receive a drop of precipitation; wandering in my t-shirt most of  the time.

  Towards the end of the video, you can see how much of the meadow (where the building stands) the East Fork Quinault River has eroded away in the last few seasons.  Hope you enjoy this video, much as I did making it.  

Thanks for reading - Barefoot Jake