Healing after Trail Trama

Spent a few weeks sitting on my butt to rest my right ankle and arch that was injured during the fall. Foot yoga and epsom salt baths were performed several times daily, in attempt to heal the body. Replaying the event in my mind led to countless sleepless nights. It seemed I was having issues digesting the whole being rescued. Within that time period I also isolated myself for weeks at the farm. Decided that this was not healthy behavior, so I jumped on a bus and spent time with family.

Once back in Port Angeles a few weeks later, I was itching to get back into the Olympic Mountains; which I love so much. Not being able to walk in the Park was more difficult that going through a separation from any relationship. This was a time that the internet kept me from going completely crazy. The ability to travel virtually into the mountains allowed me to hold on to sanity.

My friend Torry helped get me out of my slump once I was able to walk again. Duct Tape and Super Glue allowed me to patch the external issues giving the ability to keep dirt out of my wounds. We went on a series of day hikes during the month of August.

high divide trail
Hiking on the High Divide.  

deception basin
Fricaba, Deception Basin & - Royal Basin Loop Hike.
lillian ridge
Lillian Ridge Hike.

lake angeles
Klahhane Ridge Loop Hike  

Trail time with friends would help heal the self confidence scars that were left after experiencing the rescue. I was ready to revisit the mountain that humbled me. This would be my first backpacking trip since getting airlifted off a cliff earlier that summer.

Part of the 'Walking through the Seasons' Trail Series

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