The time has come for this site to think about generating a source of income.  There is an gap of 8 to 24 hours of editing time for you to see each blog post.  This adds up to endless hours of sitting in front of a computer, drinking pots of coffee to keep the content flowing to you; the reader.  I do not get paid a cent for doing this.  In the last two years, I have made a real effort in being a full time adventure.  Living very minimally, in order to be in the backcountry much as possible.  There a lot that goes on in my life that isn't seen on this website.  I try to look at it positively, so that I can continue to live my personal dream of hiking year around.  Its hard and I hate to admit this,  but money needs to come from somewhere.  Nothing in life is free.

Income Options

  •  A part time job means I work more and hike less (minimal content for you the reader).  
  •  Affiliate Links (seen on the top right)
  • Subscription based.  (there would be a fee to access content)

  This is the route I would rather go.  People that financially feel that they can help will do so.  Then the public can still enjoy fresh flowing content.  I do not need much to continue my lifestyle, but there are necessary items needed to continue being a full time backpacker. 

Items Consumed
  • Replacement footwear:  Sadly the average pair of shoes are an average of 100 dollars.  I go through 4 pair a hiking season.
  • Town food:  It cost me 3 to 10 dollars a day to eat in the woods; depending on route caloric needs. 
  • Clothing:  All my shopping is done at the Goodwill, but I still go through an average of 4 items per season, because of heavy wear and body odor absorption.
  • Travel:  I do not drive, but still cost me bus fares or pitching in on gas getting to and from trailheads. 
  • Internet access:  Not having a house to access the internet.  I must go to public locations, which out of courtesy, items must be purchased at various establishments to use their service.  
  • Electronics:  Computer; as we speak this device is overheating and will quit on me soon.  When it goes, the content will be very minimal.  External hard drive; this devices memory is about full and would like to back-up all the photos.  Cameras; from heavy use, both cameras are in need of maintenance.  
  • Domestic Storage:  I spend most of 3 seasons in the backcountry.  By doing this,  I still need a place to store personal items.  This could mean storage shed or room rental.  

  This year I will be spending a full summer, into autumn in the Park.  Im not going to disclose my routes at this time.  If you are out there sometime, keep your eyes open and you just might run into me!  I will be doing updates all year long right here on my blog of my progress.  
  I hope you have enjoyed the content on this site over the years.  The future is now in your hands, help if you can.  Keep this site free of ads and subscriptions.  Click the button below.