Klahhane Ridge Mountain Goat

Traveling the Coast, followed by ascent and descent of Olympus and going over the Divide was one of the best routes of my life. I decided to take a few days off to mentally digest all that I saw and experienced. In doing so, I would also be avoiding the 4th of July backpacking crowds in the Park.

Right after the 4th, I got word that mountain goats were hanging out in the hills above Port Angeles. This would be a perfect chance to capture one on camera - my first of the year. So I headed up and stayed at a place often frequented in the springs of years past.

Editor's Note: Article part of an extended trek in the Olympic Mountains.

Mount Olympus
View from camp. Mount Olympus peeks over Stephen Basin, Bailey Range.

Strait of Juan de fuca
Enjoying dinner. Evening entertainment watching cruise ships pass by from Seattle.
Olympic Mountains
View into the interior of the Park from the High Ridge Camp.
Purple Mountain Saxifrange
Purple Mountain Saxifrage
klahhane ridge camp
The sun goes down.
Mount Angeles
Sunset over the shoulder of Mount Angeles.
Port Angeles night
Port Angeles and Victoria.
Mountain Goat
Found the goats or did they find me? From here, I headed back down for resupply and to prepare for the next leg of the journey.

Part of the 'Walking through the Seasons' Trail Series

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