Olympic Mountain Airplane Tour

  It was a cool day around the Olympic Peninsula, with mountain temps just about 0F.  This makes for superb air quality in the mountains.  You could see all the way across the Park from elevation, which is different than the slight haze that is usually in the area.  It was clear as a bell; far as the eye could see.  Couldn't ask for a better day for an airplane ride above the Olympic Mountains.  A friend was nice enough to donate his time and money, agreeing to take me up.

  The flight included 4 cameras to document the landscape and keep on file as perfect beta for future adventures.  The mountains around here are so dramatic, even more so from the air.  One wouldn't want to go 'splat' in this area, there would be no walking away from that crash.  This was my second flight over the Olympics this year, the first being unwanted and unplanned.   It's however an incredible feeling to see the area you walked earlier in the season, from a birds eye view.  The pilot could not believe I walked into these areas.  He also got 'hooked' by how rugged the mountains are and now wants me to take him on foot.

Mount Carrie
Cat Peak & Mount Carrie, Bailey Range

Port Angeles
Port Angeles, Wa
Lake Sutherland
Indian Valley, Lake Sutherland & Crescent.
Griff Peak
Griff & Unicorn Peak, with Mount Angeles. 
Lake Mills
former Lake Mills, Elwha Valley
Mount Mercury
Mount Mercury, then Bailey Range. 

Lakes of the Gods
'Lake of the Gods', Mount Tom. 
Snow Dome & Black Glacier
Snow Dome & Black Glacier, Mount Olympus.  Mount Tom & White Glacier (under the sun).
Hubert Glacier
Hubert Glacier, Mount Olympus.

Jeffers Glacier and Upper Queets
Jeffers Glacier, Mount Olympus and upper Queets River Valley.
Mount Meany
Mount Meany, Chimney Peak and Mount Rainier (most prominent).
Humes Glacier
Base of Humes Glacier. Explained in Route II of Mount Olympus in the OMCG. Photo showing Queets Basin & outfeed of Humes Glacier (right to left). 
Ludden - Scott Saddle
Ludden-Scott Saddle, explained in the OMCG Mount Ferry to Dodger Point, Bailey Range Traverse.

Interested in the Glaciers of Olympic National Park and track how they are receding?  Download the interactive Google Earth file.

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Updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015