Hike Silver Lake, Olympic National Forest

  Can you imagine coming home eviction notice posted on the door saying, 'If you enter back in, there a ticket given'?  Thats how I feel about our Olympic Mountains.  It saddens me that it has came to this.

  Some friends asked me to join them on a hike into the hills.  Being in need to peek into the interior, I gladly accepted.  Few photos from our hike.

Silver Lake Way Trial
Frosty autumn morning.

Silver Lake way trail
Cold morning light. 
Silver lake
Ice over the lake.
Silver Lake
Lake pano. 
Silver Lake
Lake reflections. 
Frost on grass
First light hitting morning frost. 
Above Silver Lake
Ascending rock fields. 
above silver lake
Snow transitioning. 
mount baker
Mount Baker, from our Olympic Mountains. 

This hike was done during the Government Shutdown period, where all National Parks were closed for entry. A hiker had to be in the mountains, no matter what the front gate said. More info? Check out Olympic National Forest vs Olympic National Park article.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015