Lifestyle Gear List

  Ultralight backpacking and minimalism go hand in hand.  Simplifying your life is more appealing as we evolve as a human race.  The act of getting in an automobile, just to sit in gridlocked traffic during a daily commute, has become the furthest thing from our ancestral roots; who walked everywhere.  Plus, think of all the money you will save!

  One should learn to be self reliant in an urban jungle environment, just like any wilderness backpacking trip.  Having everything on your person to survive the day, but how much stuff do you really need?   Do you really want to be lugging around a 25 pound pack, as you do everyday tasks?

  I challenge you to spend more time outdoors on foot.  Start with 1 mile a day, then go from there.  Doing this will help the environment, lower food costs, well as keep you in shape for your next hike.

Urban Gear List
My autumn/winter/spring Urban Lifestyle Hiking Kit list.  Granted, I do not 'need' these items, but they make everyday life comfortable.  (I forgot eye protection - Sunglasses) 

Scenario 'Grocery Shopping':  I'm currently staying a few miles from the Elwha River.  This means I need to travel 6 miles into town, to pick up items such as rice and coffee.  I would only bring my backpack, rain protection and insulation.  Weather pattern would play the biggest role in this.  

Scenario 'Seattle':  I have not owned an automobile in 2 years.  This means to travel a great distance in a short amount of time, I would hitch or take public transportation.  Leaving Port Angeles at 6am, would put me in downtown Seattle just after 1pm, after four buses and a ferry ride.  That gives me 3 hours to wrap things up or an overnight is required in town, because of transport scheduling.  In this situation, I would bring everything listed above for the damp and cold months.  

My Big 3

  • Daypack - to carry items and groceries. 
  • Fleece -  keeping core temperature regulated in the rainy PNW. 
  • Hard Shell -  helps with rain and wind during the wet months. 

Updated May 2015