Sounds of Olympic Wilderness

  It has been 7 days since the National Parks shut down.  These are sad times for all that enjoy the outdoors.  Thought I would keep things positive, focusing on what matters.

  Started my morning with coffee, reflections and surfing the web; looking through various Olympic trail reports.  Longing for that wilderness experience, searching for small substitute, anything to get through these troublesome days.    While I do not want to be political here, only to shed light on what is important.

  For me that is the full immersion of Wilderness.  Sight, sound, smell and touch of nature in its pure form. Walking in a National Park is like going a 100 years back in time.  When things were simple; no cars or modern travel machines, just your own two feet.  Exploring various areas, sleeping under the stars and even viewing wildlife.

  The NPS uploaded this video to their Youtube channel a few weeks ago, but I felt it was important to watch again and share; since it captured the wilderness experience well.  This video showcases the Olympic National Park well, which I love with all my heart.

Thanks for reading - Barefoot Jake