Summer Update: Walking with Mental Demons

  I have not slept out in the wilderness, since being rescued a five weeks ago.  This has been a real issue for me.  Personally love waking up in the woods, find it so refreshing.  Just haven't been mentally ready to put a backpack on and head out.

  The mountain that humbled me, is all I have been thinking about.  First thing in my mind when I wake up and the last thing; while dozing off in bed.  Like some sort of sick obsession.  Not to climb it; like someone with a personal goal, but to pay my respects.  Look at her from a distance, with no distractions or people for miles around.  Find healing with meditation and wilderness; thats how I would get mental closure.

  So I loaded food and supplies into my Kumo, then set off for a 54 mile Spirit Trek; into the heart of the Park.

Note:  All photos and trips reports will be released Winter 2013 in a multi-part series titled 'Walking through the Seasons'. 

O'neal rescue
Last time I was in this area, had to be rescued off a cliff band; below the main summit. (special thanks to my rescuers, for donating this picture) 

O'neal basin
This will always be my special place.  Completely beautiful.  
lupine dyeing
Lupine start into winter hibernation. 
black bear eating
My 'Spirit Bear', greets me into the basin. 

  I now lick my wounds from all the rain, during this trip.  Prepare for several trips lined up through October, with various people in the Olympics.  Really excited about the upcoming weeks ahead.