Sometimes its best to listen.  Not to someone or something, but to your body and mind.  It has been over a week since my accident.  That time was spend with family and friends.  I knew that being around loved ones would help mentally unwind.  Doing this helped a lot.

  I still have a strong urge to be in the mountains.  Now more than ever.  Something about walking freely through wildflower filled alpine meadows, endless ridgelines, vast mountain panoramas, sleeping with Elk and Bear.  Is there anything that gives you more of a primal feeling, make you feel alive?

  Now find myself listening to Native American Flutes,  reflecting back into photographs and reading other peoples trip reports online, to keep me sane.

Note:  All photos and trips reports will be released Winter 2013 in a multi-part series titled 'Walking through the Seasons'. 

Need your Help
  What are things you do to fight off the mountain madness?  I can use the advice, whether big or small.

Steepest Olympic terrain
Northern Burke Range - Chimney Peak to Mount Anderson.