Going CRAZY!!!!

  Been almost 2 weeks since I've slept in the woods and flipping going nuts.  This is the longest I've gone without sleeping in the wilderness since 2012.  Starting to think I have OCD.  All I think about all day is getting back out there.  I had a choice of getting a girlfriend or going back in the mountains.  Mountains seemed like a safer bet and less dangerous ;-) *evil laugh*

  Went on a day hike this week to test my foot, with a little help from Duct Tape.  Able to walk all day on it, pain free.  Still a have a bit of bruising, but it seems that all muscular damage is repaired.  Lots of stretching and epson salt baths I'm sure helped.

Northwest Mountain Snowmelt Report
  High Divide and 7 Lakes Basin area is pretty much melted out.  Not enough snow to even report.

Bailey Range Panoramic
Bailey's from Mount Carrie to Ferry, then Pulitzer to Child's Aug 13'.
endless lupine
Torry walking though wildflower filled alpine.  
Pacific Northwest Trail Olympic
Lunch spot view.  
Hoh River source
Olympus in all her glory.