Summer Update (unplanned): Goat Hunting

  Been hearing reports of Mountain Goat sightings in the Mount Angeles area.  Not yet having any photos of the white devil.  I decided to defer from my planned summer itinerary and head to the mountains above Port Angeles.  Weather in Wa State has been Califorinalike the last few days, so the views did not disappoint.  It was surreal to look back at Mount Olympus, I could almost see the footprints on the snow; where I just was days before.

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Note:  All photos and trips reports will be released Winter 2013 in a multi-part series titled 'Walking through the Seasons'. 

High Ridge Camp
High Ridge camp, looking into the Olympic Mountain interior. 

Mount Olympus hides behind the Bailey Range.   I can almost see my footprints from just days before.
As the sun melts away.
Port Angeles and Victoria from camp. 
I call him 'Jr.'. 

- chow for now -