Summer Update 3: Bittersweet

Update:  read the story.

  As of 48 hours ago, the rest of my planned trip for the summer has been cancelled.  It makes me sad to have to come out of the Olympic Mountains, which I love so much, but went through a series of events that left me with injured right foot and inches from a loss of life.

  Ever heard the saying that you cook a frog by slowly turning up the heat and it will just sit there, not knowing it is being boiled?  I'm that frog, this all went down on day 4 off trail of my 10 day traverse of the ONP, where I was trying to use only Elk/Bear trails as my path.

  Looking back I could have done a lot of things different to avoid this from happening.  The main thing that personally frustrates me, is that I broke my 1 major rule while traveling solo off trail.  'NEVER go somewhere that you feel you can back out of or turn around'.  BIG shame on me, for breaking that rule. That feeling of being backed into a corner, is something I wish on no man/woman.  When you know that comfort zone has been passed, realize mistakes have been made, put your life at risk and feel helpless.  It makes my stomach turn thinking about it now.

  I will release full story, with photos of landscape this autumn/winter.  This will detail my trip, the mistakes I made, what I have learned about myself through this experience and hopefully someone out there can benifit from it all as well..

Huge Special Thanks:
  Olympic National Park Ranges, Mountain Rescue Team, Navy Rescue, 2 Helicopter Pilots and everyone that works in Park Dispatch.  I truly appreciate that you risked your own lives, to save mine.  It is an experience that will stick with me for a lifetime and definitely won't be putting myself in that situation again.

O'neal summit block
View from the ledge where I sat for 12 hours before being rescued.  All this after falling, while traversing off the main summit block.  Lucky that my right foot caught, inches before falling to my death. 

Personal note: 
  Please keep all negative comments to yourself while I go through a tough personal time, reliving everything in my mind non stop since it happened, is hard enough.  I now will go spend a few weeks with my son, family and  friends.  

Read the story.