Summer Update 2: Heaven and Hell

  This year I have been trying to follow the snowmelt as it dissipates from the alpine.  Spending most of the winter in the valleys of the Olympic National Park; have a one night limit to looking at trees and listening to river; which is nice and all, but nothing compares to high alpine views or walking on open ridgeline.  Walking next to glacier or thru alpine meadows full of wildflowers has special healing properties for the mind and soul.

  The current section of the summer route was actually snipped from 2 other planned parts and put together as one.  It was actually not even planned at all, joined only from a spontaneous conversation with friend; since whining to him about doing a section that I've walked before .

  Put together a loopish route which probably hasn't ever been done before and for good reason; because no one is that 'smart'.  I was laughing with myself about that fact when sidehilling around Mount Deception from the Dosewallips River, neck deep in Slide Alder and bear crawling under endless windfall, saying to myself, 'This sure would be a great place to take a few of my ex girlfriends on a backpacking trip *laugh*'.

  I have 3 places on my list to spend the night in the Olympic Mountains and this week got to cross one of those places off my list, so life is good.

  Energy level is doing good, beside for the feeling that my legs have been ran over 5 times by a semi truck and then parked on top of my body.  Again, glad I spent months training in preparation for this summer or would be in a world of hurt.  Want backpacking advice?  Train, lose the gut and eat healthy.  All this talk about how light your gear is, but not very many focus on what makes your legs move, you!

Full trip report blog will be posted this winter.

- If you want views, havta pay your dues -

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Note:  All photos and trips reports will be released Winter 2013 in a multi-part series titled 'Walking through the Seasons'. 

millions of wildflowers

View from camp. 
This picture represents 5 hours of hell from Dosewallips River to Deception Basin. 

Northeast Olympic Mountain Snowmelt Report
  All south facing trails are good to go.  North facing slopes still hold snow snow, but melting fast; because of all this sunshine.

Grand Pass.  The access road is still closed, so had the whole valley to myself.  LOVE IT!  Close all the roads! :-) (no hate mail)
Cameron Pass.

Gunsight Pass. (didnt walk this one, view as I pass by)
Deception Pass. 
Upper Royal Basin.  (Compare it to only weeks ago