Summer Update 1.a: Coastal Rock

  Just finished the first section of my summer, 40 miles southbound on the rugged North Olympic Coast.  Glad to be done with the beach.  Having to walk with the the tides is a pain in the butt.  Will be nice to travel on a trail without being on mother natures schedule.  In the last two weeks, spent 9 days breathing salty air.  Had my fill for the season.  Looking forward to alpine.

  Nightmares of walking across billions of slippery rocks in the next few nights I'm sure.  Traveling down the coast is really slow going.  I couldn't imagine doing it with a big pack for that many miles. Would of probably lost my mind.

  Weather was a mixed bag,  50/50 rain and sun.  Got wet and then the next day sunburnt.   Good ol' Washington.  Summer solstice had a nice sunset, but was nothing compared to the following night.  Took some nice photos of all its glory.

  Body is sore, but in good shape.  Gear all holding up perfectly and worked superbly in the stormy conditions; up to 20 mph winds w/ rain.

  I now grab food and head inland toward the interior of the Olympic National Park.  The next section has 7 days without resupply.  Carrying that much food on your back is never fun, but somebody has to do it.

Buspacking Note:  I ended up walking the road from Neah Bay to the Shi Shi Trailhead.  Locals tell me that the Reservation Shuttle will now be offering 1 trailhead run a day.  This will save you the 8 mile walk from town.  It is not currently listed on there website, but you should call for details on the exact time.  I am told that it will be a permanent thing and run year around.

Look for full post; with photos, Autumn/Winter 2013.


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Note:  All photos and trips reports will be released Winter 2013 in a multipart series titled 'Walking through the Seasons'. 

Sea trash
Adrift during the first full day of summer.