RailRiders Ambassador

  Pleased to announce to be the newest member to Team RailRiders.   They are known for quality and have a good reputation in the hiker community.  I am looking forward to testing future products for them.

Team Railriders
Screenshot of the Bio page

  All summer I will be wearing the Weatherpants, which will be perfect for brushy trails and alpine traverse conditions.  They also come with Insect Shield to help keep the little critters off.

  I will be using two shirts as the seasons change and plan on swapping them out mid summer.  First starting with the Long-Sleeve Speed-T; which works out well for me in 3 season conditions.  Then changing to Eco-Mesh Shirt for the mid August into September heat.  I like long sleeve for added protection on my arms to fight against bugs and the sun.

Railriders clothing
Summit of Mount Angeles with Railriders Speed-T and Weatherpant.
railriders gear
Exploring Escalante, Utah with RailRider Eco-mesh shirt and Weatherpant.