Out for the Summer

  Weeks of preparations and evenings laying in bed thinking about details; are about to pay off.  The countdown begins until I take the biggest journey of my life.   Hope everything goes to plan, but mentally prepared if it does not.  Flexibility is key, when doing something with a lot of variables.

  The first 3 weeks of calories is all pre organized and ready to serve.  Food prep is the worst part for me.  Was going to do blogs about meal plans and gear lists, but got too lazy.  Takes a lot of time to put a post together and wanted to focus on other projects before leaving the farm for the summer. Maybe after?

  I have high expectations of capturing some nice photos.  Ordering some spare camera batteries last minute and pick them up next month.  Would like the ability to shoot more video.  There will be certain sections of no charging for 10 days.  It would be nice to leave it all in storage, however I really enjoy reflecting back at the images during the winter months. 

  Look for short updates right here and social media when I come out in various towns to resupply food.

minimalist rock trail
Walking in wilderness, one of my greatest joys.