Abandoned Trails of Olympic: Old Baldy

  Continuing my obsession with abandoned trails, I set off to scout an old WWII trail for an upcoming trip. This trial, along with the Maynard Burn Trail can be used to connect sections of the Park as a loop or thru- type-hike.

  Little over 5 miles to approach your ascent on this trail, leaves day hiking it a question of reasoning.  Communication wire can be seen in the trees and rolled up in random places on the forest floor, this was used in part of an old lookout on Baldy Mountain.

  The unmarked trail is easy to follow until after 4,000', then land navigation skills are used.  The path is straightforward and follows a spur off the main summit.

  I ended up turning around because of heavy rain in combination of thick over brush at just over 5,000'.  Did not reach Baldy summit this day, but will be back in more favorable conditions.

Old Baldy Trail
Old USGS map showing the abandoned Baldy Trail. 

Old Baldy Trial
Unmarked Baldy Trail (left) can be found in the Slide Camp campsite off the Grey Wolf Trial (right).  
Baldy Trail
This easy to follow lower section doesn't mess around, real leg burner. 
Baldy Trial
Old wire to be seen rolled up along this primitive route.  

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Updated in May 2016 by Barefoot Jake