Spring Hike above Port Angeles

  Finishing up my training for the season.  No more day trips to me, instead lots of sleeping outdoors ahead.  Feels great to get some endurance back into my legs.  Going into the backcountry with my family this week and then start the main section of my summer directly after.

  I'll share a few photos from the Olympic National Park shot in the last few days.

Mount Ferry
Ferry, Childs & Mount Barnes (right to left) 

Olympic Marmot
A baby Olympic Marmot gets some rest. 
Mount Norton
Norton, Crystal & Chimney Peak (center to right) 
Olympic Marmot
Olympic Marmot stands guard. 

Disclaimer/Comments:  One should train their feet for some time for this type of trail conditions.  
  Biking, Hiking or Backpacking in Minimalist Footwear takes strong feet.  Since as we aged wearing shoes have lots most of our natural foot muscle. Give you body time to adjust to this type of Footwear before attempting anything you see on this Site.