Camping on Grey Wolf Ridge

  My favorite time of year is upon us here in the Olympics.  All the snow starts melting out in the alpine, wildflowers blooming, bears wake up and birds chirping.

  It was time to make my annual pilgrimage up to stay the night on Grey Wolf Ridge.  A tradition for the last 3 years running.  A great training route for the Olympic Mountain summer time adventures.  The path has an ascent profile of 5,000'+ in only a few miles.  Summit of Baldy is just under 7,000' (high for the Olympics) and Tyler sitting just over 6,300'.  Both have views of the entire north section of the Olympic National Park, including Mount Olympus.

  This would be my first time up Baldy.  The snow conditions weren't my favor the last few times.  Actually not this time either.  Optimal safe snow travel conditions are first thing in the morning, before the sun can turn it into spring slush.  Wet and heavy snow can also mean a melting slab could give away taking you with it.  I decided to go for it.  Sunk up to my calf and at times, hip deep every step.  This did not make me happy, but was good training.  Think of it as doing walking lunges up a mountain with a backpack on.  

Grey Wolf Ridge
The route up Grey Wolf Ridge

Royal Basin
Royal Basin area &  Mount Deception (center)
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf.
Grey Wolf Ridge
Looking SW from Baldy.
Tyler Peak summit
Tyler Peak.
Tyler Peak camp
My camp from Tyler Peak.
Mount Constance
Mount Constance & Pass (right)
Mount Angeles
Mount Angeles through the haze.
Grey wolf sunset
Reflecting at camp.
strait of juan de fuca sunset
Sunset & Tyler Peak (right).
Grey wolf ridge camp
locus gear khufu
Locus Gear Khufu Sil under twilight. 
Mount baker
Good morning at 5am.  Mount Baker over a sea of clouds.

Video of Hiking Trip

This was a great time in the Olympic Mountains. This wilderness campsite will always be on my list of go to places for spring time views. I look forward to returning here through the years.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in May 2016