Our Dosewallips Trail Hike

My friend Steve and I headed off for 3 days of relaxing up the Dosewallips River drainage.  We would also be walking on a section of the Pacific Northwest Trail.  The primary reason of the trip would be to plan our Bailey Range Traverse.  What better place to do trip planning, than in the Olympic National Park.  This would also be perfect training for my trip in a few weeks.

  It was impressive to see the effects rapid snow-melt in the Park.  The weather also added to river volume.  A perfect chance to test some gear in rainy, damp and cold conditions.  This would be the first part of my 7 days in the backcountry.  After resupply I would head into the Quinault drainage.

Dosewallips Falls
Checking out the roaring Dosewallips River.  (see video below)

Indian paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush.
Dosewallips river
Steve reflecting into the Dose.
Pacific Northwest Trail
Walking on the Pacific Northwest Trail.
Locus Gear Khufu
backpacking mice
'Super Mice' got into my food on the ONP Bear Wire.  Chewed right through my LiteTrail Odor Proof Bag.  Granted, these mice are trained to get food from these well used campsites.  Main reason I hate hanging my food on established wire.  This is the 5th time I got robbed. Using my own line now on. 
mice ate snickers
Hope the mouse was 'satisfied'. 
Pacific Northwest Trail
There is a ghost on the PNT.  
Old bear print on snow
Seen 1 Black Bear in the trail.  This is an old melted print. 

pacific northwest trail

log balancing
Lots of windfall to monkey around on.

Dipper eating breakfast.
olympic wildflowers


fat tire bike
Fat Tire on the way out. 

View my short video:

Overall I had a fun hike on the Dosewallips. There is several parts of this adventure, where you can use those trails to walk across the Olympic National Park. Walking in these places, reminds me of that.

Updated in December 2015 by Barefoot Jake