Olympic Black Bear Run-in (Photos)

  I had originally planned to go higher into the snowline, but the little voice spoke inside my head.  So I would go for a spring walk in the Elwha valley and do some meditation with the river.   Sure glad I went with plan b, it was amazing seeing so many critters; as I walked softly through the forest.  Let alone observe an Olympic Black Bear sleeping and then awaking in front of my eyes; acting just like a big dog.  Scratching for fleas and rubbing his back on the tree, by which he just woke up from his nap.

  Then I was blessed to see a second Black Bear graze in an open meadow with a small herd of Olympic Elk.  All while walking through a forest full of wildflowers of every variety and listening to the river. 

sleeping black bear
Sleeping Black Bear.

black bear awake
Wakey, Wakey. 

black bear scratching
Biting for fleas.

black bear
Scratching on the tree.

Olympic Deer
Hornless Buck.

Black Bear grazing
Black Bear #2 across the Elwha River.

First Lupin I've seen in the ONP this year. 

Elwha Elk
Small herd of Olympic Elk graze in same meadow as Black Bear #2.

This was a fun last minute day adventure! I literally grabbed my day hiking gear and head out the door. Never be afraid to live spontaneous!

Updated in Feburary 2016 by Barefoot Jake