Exercise in the Mountains (Photos)

Here are some random moments, from a series of several spring hikes in the Olympic Mountains. I hope they inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy nature. I had a real nice time in wilderness and know you will too!

above the elwha
  Views of the northern Bailey Range.  Mt. Fitzhenry, Fairchild and Carrie (left). Cat Peak (where im looking). Mount Appleton (right).

klahhane ridge in snow
 Ascending toward Mt. Angeles 
rock slide
Obstacles to cross. 
Tolmie Onion
Tolmie's Onion reaching for life. 
Cat Peak
Cat Peak (Cat Walk on the left) 
Woman hiking in vibram fivefingers
Ladies VFF on the trail. 
Lake Mills
Drained former Lake Mills.   See Elwha Dam Restoration
Unicorn Peak
Unicorn Peak with signs of an old burn. 
Tree pitch
Tree Pitch. 
Mount Appleton
Mt. Appleton - my mind wanders back to the 2012 Traverse
Western Trillium.
stream violet
Stream Violet.
banana slug
Banana Slug. 
Dungeness River

Upper Dungeness

Royal Creek

New sawyer filter cap
Experimenting with a new cap on my Sawyer Squeeze Filter system
Dungeness River

dungeness river

stream through forest
Little bits of magic are hiding; if you take the time to look. 

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