Easy Replacement Sawyer Filter Cap

  Never been a fan of the cap that comes with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter.  Don't like having to pull the top open and closed.  Then after your mouth touches the valve, it seems to close a bit; which affects flow output.    It also feels like you're drinking out a water bottle, maybe its something to do with the way air mixes with h2o when it leaves the plastic.  Whatever it is, I never liked it.  Prefer drinking straight out of the bottle with no cap.  However that is not optimal with this filter.   I figured it was time to try something different.

Sawyer filter cap
Smartwater Cap, also using the bottle on the reservoir end. 

  This mod has worked out great for me on over ten trips the last few weeks.  The mouthpiece has the feel of drinking straight from the bottle; which I like.  The flip cap does a great job of keeping dirt away from the area your mouth touches, however can see the hinge failing after repetitive opening and closing.  Replacing it after inspection may be optimal.

 Some may also have an issue with a hairline leak if held upside down for a prolonged period.  I personally always carry my water upright, so this will not be an issue.

  I will go on the record for saying that this filter is the future of backpacking.  Love the fact that in the Olympics, I no longer have to carry water.  Just scoop and keep moving.   Perfect way to keep weight off your back.

  Using old soda or smart water bottle is still the prefered method.

Note:  I still use the 1st generation of Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter.  They have since released a different version that what I currently have.  Some of the issues I have, may be addressed in later models.  It was also given to me for purpose of review.  Mouthpiece mod and bottles have all been recycled at my own expense. 

Updated June 2016 by Barefoot Jake