Elwha River Photography Walk

  Great training week for me.  There has been an unusual amount of sun here in Port Angeles the last few days.  Perfect chance to get into the mountains, coast and on the trail.   That now has came to an end, since it is now raining as I write this.

  Living 3 miles from the Elwha River Valley.  I often frequent the Olympic National Park by just heading upriver.  It has been my backpacking training grounds all winter.  Wouldn't  have it any other way.

  This week I walked on the bottom of old Lake Mills for the first time.  Amazing the destructive power of water and man.  Would've liked to seen it in its original state.

  Let me share a few favorite photos from the second half of the week.

Fairyslipper and Stream Violet.

elwha mouth
Old Driftwood.  Held behind the dams for 100 years.
Stream violet
Stream Violet.
elwha mouth sunset
Elwha sunset.
moon rising elwha
Moon rising.
elwha mouth panoramic
Moon, N. Olympic Mountains & the Elwha. 

wolf creek falls
old lake mills
The Elwha cries.
bottom of lake mills
Iron oxidation on stump.
bottom of lake mills

Lake mills
Stump that was underwater. 
Olympic wildflower

A beautiful coffee table book on the dam removal of this area -  The Undammed Elwha River.