Birthday with the Mount Angeles

  The day comes every year.  Your birthday is something that gets less significant as each one passes in your life.  I try not to focus on how to make one day good, but to make each day awesome.  If one goes by that didn't get spent outdoors.  I feel like that time was wasted.  My goal for the next 365 is to spend as many nights sleeping outside as possible. So thought I'd head up to the base of Mount Angeles to spend the night.

A special place

low clouds mountains
Low clouds drift like the sea.
spring avalanche
Signs of spring.
Locus Gear Khufu
Locus Gear Khufu snow camp.  First time using DPE.  High wind gust all night.  Great test for these conditions. 
Mount Angeles
Looking into Mount Angeles
sunset above clouds
Good night.
ennis creek
Ennis Creek.

Micro adventures like these, stick in your brain for a lifetime.  Go out and create your own!  You can also check out a previous birthday trip into the Elwha Valley.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in June 2015