Wandering Hurricane Ridge in Snow

  Needed a break from farm chores; such as cleaning stalls, pruning fruit trees and feeding the pigs.  I was in need to sneak into the mountains.   With the main goal of catching sunset on Hurricane Ridge.  I grabbed the camera, a few snacks and headed off.

  Had a lovely evening; as the light peeked its way out of the clouds.  The sunset views did not come for me however, but it still was a lovely time in the mountains.  Thought I would share a few photos of the micro adventure.

Hurricane Ridge winter
Light falls through the clouds.

crystal snow
Crystal Snow.
hurricane ridge view
McCartney Peak in the evening light. 
Mount Dana
Mount Dana

My short test video:

Hurricane Ridge
  What about you? Do you look at the Hurricane Ridge Webcam online?  Have you visited or plan to visit the Ridge?  I suggest doing so in the winter.  Less people and a more peaceful energy.  A great environment for deep thought.

Updated in December 2015 by Barefoot Jake