Packing for Southern Utah

  I'm excited to go on an extended backpacking trip this coming week.  Heading to the Escalante, Utah area for just under 7 days.  Make sure you check out the Pinterest Board I created; featuring the area.

  There I will be trekking with new and old trail friends.    Positive vibes for good weather and a safe journey.

  This is not my only adventure so far year, but defiantly the biggest; since I will be traveling out of state and sleeping out more than just a few nights.  I wonder if all the rain and Olympics will miss me?

  What better time to test out some new products?  New shelter, camera, clothing and little items; that are just dying to get outdoors.  Will be nice to try them out before being used for an extended period this summer.  I'm a big believer in testing gear thoroughly in various conditions before relying on it for a multi-week adventure.

Conditions & Hazards 
  It is too far out for me to judge the weather at this point.  They suggest a chance of rain with the highs of 50f and lows of 25f on average.  As always; campsite selection will be keep to staying warm and dry.  This is the same kind of weather Washington State is having right now, so I should be fine.

  Critters have me a little on edge.  Talking to another blogger this morning.  He reminded me that spiders, scorpions and snakes are looking to stay warm this spring.  This may make sleeping under a tarp interesting. May decide to borrow a bivy.  Guess the Native Americans did it for years.  Why am I worried?

Kit Basics

  • Gossamer Gear 2012 Gorilla
  • Tyvek Rain Gear
  • Fleece or Down for at camp (conditions)


  • Locus Gear Khufu Sil 
  • GG Polycryo Ground Cloth
  • GG Nightlight Pad (use pack for legs)


  • RailRiders top and bottom (testing)

Little Things

  • LiteTrail Gline (testing)
  • LiteTrail Nylobarrier Oder Proof Bag (testing)



  • Trail Designs Ti-Tri (fuels source pending conditions) 


  • Luna Sandals Leadville Pacer ATS w/ MGT 
  • Vibram EL-X (Snow or Scrambling)


Utah Ultralight Gear List
2013 Gear List for average conditions

Note:  All items subject to change if route or conditions alter. 

  Ever been to this area?  Are there any key things we should see?  What about when we get off the trail, is there some where you would recommend us eating?

  What about critters?  How do you handle things climbing in bed with you?  Things you do to prevent this?

Updated in June 2015 by Barefoot Jake