The Minimalist Daypack on Adventures

  Lighting your pack is a never ending evolution it seems.  I've done a great job at getting my overnight kit dialed in, but my smaller trip gear has seemed to be less of a priority.  As winter closed in.  It was time to get my day pack in order.

  For years have used a traditional bag that can be found at almost any outdoor shop.  I was in need of something not designed to carry heavy loads.   Did not want my pack to slop around my body when doing trail running or scrambling. So thought I'd give the Minimalist Daypack a try!   

Update: The images featured are for an older version of Minimalist pack.

Minimalist Review
Exploring Chaco Canyon, NM with my Minimalist

How I Tested the Backpack

  • Urban Hiking
  • Day Hiking
  • Trail Running
  • Cycling

3 Top Competitor Packs

Design of the Backpack

  Gossamer Gear seemed to have what I was looking for with the Minimalist.  Simple draw bag design,  comfortable light weight straps, outer pouch and overall durable construction. What most caught my attention was the Sternum Strap.  This was intended to prevent sliding, in place of a traditional hip belt.

Strap System Function

  So far it has worked for me.  Keeping the webbing below my ribs and the straps tight has been the ticket for running.  Bouncing and sliding of the pack has been kept to a minimum.  Thinking about adding the buckles myself to my other backpacks;when not using the hip belt provided.

Pack Opening on Top

  The first thing that popped into my mind living in the Pacific Northwest.  Is water going to enter the pack from the top?  To prevent this issue in heavy rains.  I like to use the drawstring and wrap the top in away to help create more of a seal around the opening.

Gossamer Gear Minimalist draw cord
Minimalist Storm Tie.  One loop around bags opening. Tight drawstring to lock closer. 

Hydration Systems with Pack

  Playing with different ideas on a comfortable way to carry water with this bag.  I do not use a hydration bag and prefer to treat water with the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter.  Don't like taking off my pack.  Currently reach over my shoulder and grab the filter nozzle; which is attached to a plastic bottle.


  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Sternum Strap
  • Quality Design
  • Price

  • No external Water Pocket

The Gossamer Gear Minimalist Ultralight Daypack is a great all around backpack. I find using it for other purposes, over just the trail; which include farmers market, gym and urban hiking. I have created lots of memories through my pack and could never get rid of it for that reason.

Updated in April 2016 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer:  GG donated my pack for trail testing.  The details above were my honest opinion. This is a article about an older version pack.