North Fork Sol Duc Trail

  I received a Facebook message earlier in the week.  Included was an invite for a winter bike up the Sol Duc Road into the Olympic National Park; followed by some trail time.  Of coarse I accepted.

  The conditions this day were an average temperature of 25 degrees fahrenheit.    Not a cloud in the sky and no wind.

  This adventure would lead us to a 17 mile bike, 5 mile  hike/run and 4 river fords.  At its deepest point was waist deep on me.

  Perfect training for what is coming for me this summer.  Lots of bushwhacking and river crossings.

North Fork Sol Duc
North Fork Sol Duc River Ford

North fork sol duc trail
Super Bruce fording a frozen creek
Minimal footwear ice
Trail testing the Vibram Fivefinger EL-X

  This area and trail gets primitive after the river ford.  It appears not many travel back there; nor a trail crew.  Lots of limbs down and trees to hop over.  This makes me appreciate it even more.  Looking to use this trail to connect remote areas at this end of the Park.

My short video:

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Updated in June 2015