(1.0 Review) Luna Sandals Mono

My first thoughts when looking at the Luna Sandals Mono on my feet were, 'These are thick'.
Shortly after that I told myself to clear all negative thoughts out of my mind and give these a real chance. After properly adjusting the laces for my foot and taking a few steps. I was pleasantly surprised how light weight they felt on my foot.

Luna sandals mono review
First time wearing Luna Sandals Mono 1.0


  I look at all minimal footwear as something your should add to your bare skin.  Not as something you should take away from; like some modern barefoot shoe.  

  Taking this approach; you should access the primary surface being traveled.  Add the amount of protection that will be needed on that said surface during your journey.  



  I will wear the Mono when traveling on rough and sharp surfaces for a considerable amount of time.  This will help my feet from getting too tender on those long hauls. 

 Also wore them in an urban environment and look great with a  pair off jeans as my 'dress footwear'.  Having a higher raised sole helps keep water off the footbed; during the wet season when walking around the city. 

Luna sandals mono
A winter walk with Luna Sandals Mono (1.0 version) 

Options Shown

  • Trail tested MGT Footbed
  • ATS Laces
  • Vibram Sole

Tread Pattern

  This is a new design for Luna.  It does not do as well on slippery mud and snow like my Leadville soles.  I have been told they do well in dry conditions; such as desert or summer trails.  From what I experienced  this is confirmed.  Can't wait until spring with the Pacific Northwest dry's up a little. 

Luna sandals mono weight
10.5 oz Mono (1.0 version) - Light weight considering thickness. (pair)


  • Distance Protection
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Urban Footwear
  • MGT Footbed


  • Ground Feel
  • Buckle adjustment wont stay put
  • Clay mud clings to tread


  Who would I suggest these to? Someone who wasn't looking to feel 'ever little rock' under there feet and wanted perfect portable ground to walk on with every step. 

  The Luna Sandals Mono {affiliate link} would make great camp shoe for backpacking; even if you didn't plan on hiking any trail distance wearing them.  I could see that same user being converted into minimal footwear after wearing these however and leaving their boots at home. 

  Great footwear for the farmers market or even walking the pooch.

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Updated in November 2015

Disclaimer:  Luna Sandals provided the Mono for this review.  Contains ads in the form of affiliate links.