Getting cold feet?

  A few days ago my friend from California came to Port Angeles for a visit.  He was anxious to experience the outdoors wearing minimal footwear.  Once he started walking; it turned out that he may have 'bit off more than he could chew'.

  Temperatures that day were right above the freezing level and a rain/snow mix.  Probably not the best conditions for your first time wearing VFF's.

  Hes not the only one that experience this.  Its the number one question I get asked this time of year.  'Aren't your feet cold?'

Short video by Brandon S. (contains adult language)

 'Warm' feet tips

  • Increase time of stimulation.  The more your muscles move; improves blood circulation.  Adds up to warmth. 
  • Wear layers and hat.  Above average core temperature will help keep extremities warm. 
  • Keep skin dry.  Wearing socks or footwear that hold moisture; lowers the way your skin is able to breathe.  Saturated feet equals brrrrr. 
  • Never wear insulation (socks, shoes or boots).  Your body will aclimate to any condition when given a chance.  You should go from toasty slippers to walking on the snow barefoot.  It too much of a shock to your body.  It will be mad at you.  promise. 
  • Dont stand around.  Keeping your body moving will help regulate core temperature. 

What about you? 
  Wear minimal footwear in winter?  Still get cold feet wearing shoes/boots?  Your feet always freezing?  Walk around the house in socks?  

  Would love to hear your tips or feedback!  Please post in the comments below.