Turning around while Hiking

  Though a network of people I was introduced with a backpacker from the UK named Oliver.  After a few days of communication via email.  Expressed that he would like to have an unique Olympic National Park experience.  

  Myself always wanting to be outdoors in any condition; offered to join him on a little weekend adventure.  

  No modern man snow travel aids were used on this entire trip. (Snowshoes, Skies, etc.)

Elwha Trail
Light filters though the Elwha.

Barefoot Jake hiking
Me passing through afternoon light - photo by Oliver N.
long ridge trail
Crossing a down tree - photo by Oliver N.
barefoot in snow
Primitive Hiking - following a solo Elk track in my Luna Sandals - photo by Oliver N.
barefoot in snow
After 2 hours of headlamp - headed to bed as the temperature drops way below freezing. - photo by Oliver N.

long ridge trail
From my bed.

  After a 20 degree night; we decided to make another attempt to reach our destination.  Post-holing past my hip every other step made it quite discouraging.  We did however reach just shy before I made the call to head out.

long ridge olympic
Oliver post-holing for miles.  Most steps were hip deep.  Great workout. 
post-holing snow
Post-holing with every step - photo by Oliver N.
barefoot jake
My 'Type II Fun' Face - photo by Oliver N.

Mount Ferry
Mt. Ferry sleeps. 

Ruth Peak
Ruth Peak and a little bit of Mt. Carrie - photo by Oliver N. 

long ridge trail
VFF for the deep snow - Sawyer Squeeze Filter which I kept in my hands at all time so not to freeze - photo by Oliver N.

long ridge trail
Edge of the Bailey Range - photo by Oliver N.
whiskey bend trailhead
Oliver N. and Barefoot Jake

  We lucked out and hitched a ride right before dark.  Since I currently live near the mouth of the Elwha River; we both enjoyed bacon and eggs next to the fireplace on the farm that night.

Special thanks to Oliver N. for sharing his photos with us and his British humor with me. 

Updated June 2015