Hike Elwha to Hurricane Hill Trail

  In part of the Wilderness is my Gym trail series; gathered some friends together for some leg training.  The group asked me to suggest a route for the afternoon.

  I suggested that we start our trail run from the Elwha Ranger Station that sits 400' on the valley floor.  Then we venture up to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  This route has the high point of 5,650' with  views of the Bailey Range and Port Angeles.

  There is currently no fresh snow in the Olympic National Park.  We have the back to back warm fronts pushing thru this area to thank for that.

  The window of autumn is rapidly closing in the Pacific Northwest; as winter tightens its hold on the mountains.  I was anxious to get into the alpine to get the views.

  Other parties involved excitingly agreed to my suggestion, but none of them had ever climbed that much trail ascent.  We were all in store for a real treat on the legs.

Olympic footwear
Trail Footwear: VFF Treksport and Luna Sandals Leadville Pacer

elwha hurricane hill map
Elwha Ranger Station to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center via Hurricane HIll.  This route is also an alternate to the Pacific Northwest Trail

elwha ranger station
Starting 1.5 hours before sunrise at the Elwha Ranger Station.

Olympic tourist
Enjoying some Autumn color - picture of a picture. 

Olympic wildlife
Checking out the Buck Black Tail Deer.  (barely seen in this photo) 

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
Ascending out of the tree line - Looking up the Elwha Valley - Rain showers sit over Dodger Point and Long Creek. 

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
Looking back from which we came.

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
Watching rain move through the valley - views of Elwha Valley, Dodger Point, Long Creek, the Bailey Range, Cat Creek and the former Lake Mills. (left to right)

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
I love ridgeline trails.

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
Walking into the fog. 

Elwha Hurricane Hill trail
The guys reaching the Hurricane Hill intersection. 

trail running hurricane hill
Running on a paved maintained trail.

Short video from the trip:

Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center
The guys welcoming me into the Lodge.

This trip the Fivefingers out weighed the hiking sandals. This was a bit of a chilly season to go on a hike, but it worked out on the end. It was great to be outdoors and getting fresh air!

Updated in December 2015 by Barefoot Jake