Bailey (Ferry Basin) via Dodger Point

  Last year, while backpacking solo across the Olympic National Park a nice man picked me up hitchhiking.

  During the 4 hour car ride back to Port Angeles.  We exchanged hiking stories and email addresses.

  Through the year we exchanged several messages and started planning for a late summer adventure into the Bailey Range.

  He expressed that a trip with his wife through Montana and variable weather would leave the dates flexible.

  The last email exchanged a few days before, we hit the trailhead expressed that I had just returned from this area on a solo trip.

  He was ready to go since the weather window looked really promising.

  I of course was all ready to go back.  This time on a mission to find autumn color and shoot some video.  Not walking such long days would also allow me time to enjoy some beauty in the heart of the Olympics.

  So off we set with a few days worth of food on our backs.  He being a traditional backpacker with a big load and heavy boots.  Me with a recently field stripped pack which put me at an 8 lbs base weight and minimal sandals.  My VFF's were also worn for the sections of rock scrambling.

  Together, with one goal: to arrive into the Bailey Range, explore Ferry Basin and go look for Olympic Elk in Cream Basin.

Editor's Note: Article part of a multi-week backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park.

Dodger Point
Last Sunset for the summer of 2012.  The next morning an Autumn frost fell like clockwork.  Views of Stephen Peak, Ruth Peak, Mt. Carrie and the Northern Bailey Range

Olympic national park
Out and Back to Ferry Basin - day hike around the basin and swim at Cream Lake - 5 days

long ridge trail
Autumn colors with view of Mt. Carrie 

dodger point
Calm reflections

dodger point
As the sun sets - views of Stephen Peak

dodger point to mount ferry
Old boot-path through Autumn color

mount ferry
heading out to Mt. Ferry - views of Lone Tree Pass (left)

lone tree pass
Higher on Mt. Ferry - views of Mt. Pulitzer and Lone Tree Pass

mount ferry
Starting to get steep heading up Mt. Ferry

mount ferry
Time to scramble up this loose rock on Mt. Ferry

Mount Pulitzer
Taking a break - views of Mt. Pulitzer 

Mount Pulitzer
Walking - views of Mt. Pulitzer

lake Pulitzer
Heading around Lake Pulitzer

bailey range
Melting Lake Pulizer

bailey range
Looking back at Mt. Pulitzer 

bailey range
Walking toward the sun

bailey range
Looking down at Upper Ferry Basin

bailey range
View from camp

Ferry Basin
Sundown at camp - views of Mt. Olympus

cream lake
Cream Lake

herb crisler
Found Herb Crisler's cache tree 

trail food
Above camp, out of the sun.  Trail food snacking - sailor cracker, Almond Butter, Honey and Reese's Pieces.

bailey range footwear
Luna Leadville Pacer w/ MGT Upper on the Bailey Range

mount ferry
Climbing Mt. Ferry's backside - walking on razor sharp rocks in Sandals

barefoot jake
Photoshoot on Mt. Ferry

bailey range
One last look back - views of Mt. Pulitzer and the Southern Bailey Range

dodger point lookout
Checking out the Dodger Point Lookout

next door gastropub
Victory adult beverage and burger from a local establishment. 

  My only complaint was the lingering haze from all of the wildfires in eastern Washington.  Other than that, everything went super smooth. No rain, no bugs, no stress and epic sunsets.  I foresee future trips with Steve again.

Video from this Adventure:

The next part of this adventure, I sleep with Olympic Elk.

Updated in June 2015 by Barefoot Jake