(Photos) Backpacking North Coast

  I had this trip on my list ever since a little boy.  For hours would stare at a map and dream about walking the adventurous route on the Olympic Coast in Washington State.  I was excited to get started on my journey, so I packed my backpack and headed out the door.

Wilderness Coast Protected Inside Olympic National Park

The walk starts at either Rialto or Shi Shi Beach and takes multiple day for a hiker complete the strenuous journey; across rugged terrain.  The tides and incoming storms must be observed for a safe journey on the coast. I would start walking each day, when the tide was going out and try to make it to the next campsite, before the land I was walking on, became a part of the Pacific Ocean. Want to learn more? Trail guides to hiking the Olympic Peninsula.

I would do so as the natives once did in minimal footwear, for me wearing Vibram Five Finger Seeya's, this would ensure that every sharp rock would be felt during the walk.  Enhancing my experience, without tearing my flesh to pieces.

Like many of my adventures. I would be using public transportation for this backpacking trip.

makah barefoot
Spirit of the Makah - The original Minimalist to this section of Coast


Trip Conditions:

  • 48 hours of Rain
  • 12 hours of High Wind
  • 5 hours of Sun
  • Endless Slippery Rock
  • Every shape and type of rock imagined
  • Tidal challenges
  • Muddy Inland Trails
  • Climbing Ropes and Ladders 
  • Swimming a River in full Gear

cycling port gamble
On my Bikepacking Section. Heading to the Coast

walking la push
After my walk on the road in the rain

rialto beach backpacking
First sight of Coast | Rialto Beach 

minimalist footwear coast
Seeya's on a very slippery Washington Coast

backpacking washington coast
Balance is key on a wet rock 

backpacking coast winter

olympic coast water

Campsite during a wet 48 Hours

tyvek rain jacket
Full Tyvek rain gear in action

barefoot jake
Through a tunnel on the coast

sand point
Sun started to break out for a bit

pacific northwest trail cape alava
Cape Alava | Official end of the Pacific Northwest Trail

My Short Video Clip:

north ozette camp
 After my swim across the Ozette River

point of arches backpacking
Toward Point of the Arches

rugged olympic coast
Treacherous Terrain 

rope olympic coast
This Sign must mean 'Up'

point of arches rope
Climb, Monkey, Climb

Looking back at which I came

2 Bald Eagles watching over things

point of arches

backpacking shi shi
Walking through more Arches

shi shi backpacking
Giant Sea Stacks

shi shi beach

shi shi hiking
Looking back | See you later Shi Shi

shi shi hiking trail
Representing the last 3 miles

shi shi trailhead
Time to Hitch Hike out of here

Note:  I suggest anyone that is looking for a spiritual experience, on their minimalist journey to do this trek alone.  However;  respect the terrain because it is now joke to walk on.  Rehab your feet for quite some time before attempting this route. 

bus to olympic coast
Refer to Overview and Links above

The next hiking season, I walked southbound on the Olympic Coast, documenting from Shi Shi Beach to Rialto Beach; by using public transportation.

Disclaimer/Comments:  Biking, Hiking or Backpacking in Minimalist Footwear takes strong feet.  Give you body time to adjust to this type of footwear before attempting anything you see on this site.  

Updated March 2017 by Barefoot Jake