Kitsap Peninsula Urban Hiking

  Enjoying my only rest week in 5 years.  Its hard for me not to be doing anything.  So I thought getting out for a little urban Hike would help me keep my sanity.  You can find more info about the North Kitsap Trail System on there website.

This would also give me a chance to play with a few camera angles.  I've been working on trying to shoot more video footage.

  From next week until October; I have six consecutive backpacking trips planned.  One of the biggest being a backpacking trip across Olympic National Park.  I have been training for 8 months for this trip; so ready to get started.

  Putting more miles on my original Luna Sandals.  Each time I wear this system they get broke in more and more.   My  feet enjoy the Laces once they become softer.  The huarache style sole also starts molding to your foot the more steps you take in them.

 Feeling the earth with each step is what hiking is all about.  Outdoors is a spiritual place and anything you can do to enhance that experience; should be done.

  75 percent of trails in the Pacific Northwest, a huarache is all you need.  You can walk right through water; since a sandal has a 100 percent breathable upper.  Striped away all modern technology and brings you back to basics.  Simple enough.

My Short Video Clip:

Updated May 2015