My Minimalist Wallet Review

  I have been using this wallet system for several years now.  Don't see myself using anything else for an outdoorsmen type lifestyle.  Keeps your things dry and semi compact.  Easy to look for items inside and visible without opening.

  I get ask or commented about my wallet system, almost every time that it gets pulled out from the pocket.  So if your looking not to attract small attention to yourself; this tool is not for you.

  Using a minimal wallet also has its health benefits.  Just like not wearing shoes; it will help keep your posture in proper alignment.  This time in the form of sitting.  Not one of my favorite things to do, but rest has its place.

  Just 1/4 inch raise in your hips can throw your whole body out of a neutral position.   For this reason I personally chose not even to carry my wallet in the back-pocket.

ziploc wallet
My Ziploc Minimalist Wallet.  Folded once for best Water Protection

The Wallets Cost and Function

You can buy 50 bags for less than a gallon of gas.  This makes it a win - win for a minimalist.  I have only had to upgrade my system one time in the past two years, because of wear and tear.  This means one box of wallet system, will last your whole lifetime.

minimalist items in wallet
(content from Right to Left)  1 page of the Bus Schedule, Bus Fares, 1 ONP Annual Entrance Pass, 1 ONP Annual Wilderness Pass, I.D. and Library Card


  • Waterproof
  • Transparent 
  • Stylish (goes with all my Outfits)
  • Cost Effective
  • Multi-Use (I can eat most meals from this Tool) 
  • Ultralight (2.2 grams)


  • Plastic is proven to be a negative benefit to Health and Environment 
  • Noisy 

  I will continue to use this wallet system until a reason not to arises.  A DIY Wallet that I make with own hands is the only thing foreseen as a replacement. I updated my system with the Hipster fanny pack to use as a lifestyle piece and in the backcountry.

Updated in February 2016 by Barefoot Jake