Alpine Tyler Peak Hike

  My original plan was a bit different than what turned out. I however still had a nice time exploring the alpine.   Experiencing a mix of weather from high winds, sun, snow, rain, hail (see video) and more sun.  It was good for my body to get acclimated to being in the sun for days.  Dreams of alpine traverses this summer.

  It was nice sleeping in the alpine so early in the season and not walking on snow.  First trip like this for me in 2012.  Even seen a Black Bear in the alpine; at a full run.  I wonder what he was running from?  I was the only one up there at the time and there is no way he would of seen me up in the rocks?  Out for a morning jog perhaps? (no photo of Black Bear)

tyler peak
Buckhorn Wilderness, Mt. Constance, Royal Basin, Mt. Deception, Mt. Clark, Mt. Johnson, The Needles and Grey Wolf Ridge 

tyler peak trail
Ascending.  Can you see the Trail?

grey wolf ridge
Grey Wolf Ridge

tyler peak
Going up again.  Ice Axe (never used *no comment*) & Gossamer Gear 2012 Gorilla 

My Short Video Clip:

tyler peak summit
Tyler Peak

grey wolf ridge
Viewing down Grey Wolf Ridge

tarp mountaineering
My Bedroom 

strait of juan de fuca
Storm a' Brewin' (see video below) 

My Short Video Clip:

gossamer gear spinnshelter
Break in the Storm (see video above).  Epic Camp Spot under my Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter 

port angeles sunset
Sunset 1: during a Storm | Canada across the Water

olympic sunset
Sunset 1:  Crazy Clouds

olympic mountains tarp
Waking up from my Dreams:  View from my Bedroom Window (Tripod because of High Winds)

upper dungeness
Waiting for a friend:  Like a Cougar in the Rocks.  Hungry for unsuspecting Hikers?!  

  From a High Rock like a Cougar (pictured above) I sat for hours (waiting for a friend).  In this time I observed a handful of day hikers and backpackers.  With a view point like this I could see several 1,000' of meadow below.

  Not one human stood upright while walking up the grade.  Slouched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Loaded down with heavy backpacks and armed with Trekking Poles.  Pushing off with there upper body like a Nordic Skier.   Is this a natural way for a human to walk?  I wouldn't even call it walking then;  more like 'Pushing'.

  This saddens my heart; especial when I think of the kids and how they are being brought up.  (Fueled by the Fashion Industry) parents strapping shoes on the feet of babies; just as they barely take its first steps.  Even tho any doctor would tell you that it bad for your child's natural growth.  When will a change be made?  I feel it needs to be done one human at a time.  Parents; raise your kids right!

ultralight mountaineering
Another Epic Camp Spot:  views of San Juan Island's and Canada | Gossamer Gear SpinnShelter

sunset olympic national park
Sunset 2: views of Canada

sequim sunrise
Sunrise 2: views of Mt. Baker towering above a Marine Layer below from the Buckhorn Wilderness

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Disclaimer:  Backpacking in any form of Minimal Footwear takes Strong Feet.  Allow yourself Months or even Years of Training before attempting. 

Updated May 2015