Backpack South Olympic Coast

  Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend.  I had one mission in mind.  To get as much sun as  possible and to do as little as possible.  I managed to accomplish all of these things with a few extra little memories.  That is the best thing about outdoor adventures.  They are never the same twice.

coastal trash
Chief Buudda Budda helps keep away the Raccoon's 

  Mission for the first night, since it was a late start trip.   Headlamp down a old logging road.  Pick up a back door trail.  Route find through the woods and try do it all to beat the incoming tide.  I was blessed to have such a full moon that night.  I wish that I could of captured a photo of it.  It was the most perfect hikers moon.

  Ended up missing the tide and held up a few miles shy of the original destination.  My watch read midnight when I finally zipped up my sleeping bag.

  When I arose around from bed.  I missed another perfect photo.  Just as the sunrise made the water line glow.  You could see the full moon, as it dropped behind the Pacific Ocean.  It glowed like a mountains alpenglow.

  Quickly broke camp, after breakfast, then began walking south on the coast; as the sun was just starting to peak through the forest.  It was a perfect morning for a backpack down the beach.

olympic starfish
Starfish Loner

toleak point
Toleak Point 

toleak point
Reaching for Summer

  Took some time scouting out the best campsite for the weekend.  Then would finish wandering down the coast to see what I could find.  The water source for the weekend was also around a quarter mile away.  I would be getting water on the return trip back to camp.

toleak point

hole sea stack
Natural Arch in Sea Stack

black sand beach
Black Sandy Beach

south olympic coast
View from Bluff

  After climbing up a series of light ropes (ropes not needed) to access the headland trail.  This primitive trail would lead through a quite section of forest that gets used less than most coast trails I've seen in the past.  Hoping through and across natural foot bridges; such as old logs and roots.  This kept the feet mostly out of the standing water and mud.

south olympic coast
Large Red Cedar

goodman creek falls
Falls near Goodman Creek Crossing

  Spent a few hours back at camp napping, drinking coffee and exploring the beach line.  Sometimes its good to just kick back and relax.

luna sandals
Luna Sandals soaking it in

snow peak solo
Coffee Time
trash washington coast
Japanese Tsunami Debris?  Nope its Chinese 

    I spent some time playing with some video, gathering beach wood and waiting for the sunset photo.  Unfortunately the 'perfect shot' never came, but it was the perfect night for relaxing anyways.  Seems like it stayed daylight longer than usual.  Such a delightful change from the long nights of winter.  

sea stack silhouette

My short Video:

Disclaimer: Train your feet to be strong and for coastal conditions before attempting this.  Do all of these things listed above at your own risk.   It takes years of properly conditioning your feet to barefoot backpacking on the coast.